Construction Executive Features MMR Power Solutions’ Work in July/August 2021 Edition

September 13, 2021

BATON ROUGE, La.—Construction Executive, published by the Associated Builders and Contractors, featured MMR Power Solutions in an article titled, “Energy Resiliency: Change is Coming,” in its July/August 2021 edition. The article highlighted MMR Power Solutions’ work designing and constructing microgrids, cogeneration projects as well as solar and battery storage systems for industrial clients.

In his article, Sam Barnes discussed changes in power solutions across the U.S in wake of increased energy costs and climate turmoil. Barnes featured Ravi Sankaran, director of business development for MMR Power Solutions in Long Beach, CA. Sankaran attributed recent high demand for independent power solutions to higher utility costs, unreliable grid power and a desire to reduce emissions.

Barnes noted that MMR Power Solutions typically works within existing facilities to update their power supply options. He emphasized the rising popularity of battery technology implementation due to “reduced costs, increasing frequency of extreme weather and power outages, and revenue opportunities in new markets.” Sankaran cited a 2020 project commissioned by MMR Power Solutions in Fresno, CA that included natural gas generators, battery storage and a solar farm.

The article also included a photo showcasing MMR Power Solutions’ 2019 development, engineering, procurement and construction of a 2 x 375-kilowatt repowered cogeneration plant at California Ammonia Co. (CALAMCO) in Stockton, CA.

Read about MMR in “Energy Resiliency: Change is Coming,” Construction Executive.

MMR Power Solutions develops, owns and operates onsite energy facilities using cogeneration, solar and energy storage to meet the energy needs of large commercial and industrial customers. Specializing in distributed generation energy services, MMR Power Solutions works to improve electrical service reliability, reduce electrical costs and maximize thermal energy efficiencies by developing and designing systems tailored to each facility’s needs. For more information, visit the MMR Power Solutions website.

About MMR

MMR is the industry leader in instrumentation and electrical construction, maintenance and technical services. Under the leadership of President and CEO James “Pepper” Rutland, MMR continues to grow both regionally and nationally with 30 branch offices throughout North and South America.

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