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  • Power Engineering & Design Solutions

With over 150 years of combined experience, MMR Power Engineering & Design Solutions brings safe and reliable power systems solutions to clients.

MMR Power Engineering & Design Solutions specializes in power system protection and power delivery, serving industrial clients and utilities at distribution and transmission levels up to 500kV.

The Power Engineering & Design Solutions Engineering team has extensive experience in protective relaying, engineering studies, and substation design. We provide flexible solutions to best meet our clients’ needs by staying educated on the latest technology the industry has to offer.


  • Substation Design (Distribution to EHV)
  • Industrial and Utility Relay Design
  • Protective Relay Settings Development
  • Transfer Schemes including Fast Motor Bus Transfer
  • Power System Studies (ETAP,SKM, etc.)
    • Short-Circuit, Load Flow, Coordination,
  • Arc Flash, Transient motor starts, etc.
  • NERC PRC Compliance
  • Renewable and Distributed Generation Interconnection Studies and Design
  • Special Protection Systems
  • SCADA System and RTACs
  • Large Motor Starting Schemes
  • Relay Test Plan Development
  • Transmission Distribution and Industrial Relay Testing
  • Motor Excitation System
  • Utility Substation Protection Installation and Checkout
  • Fault and Disturbance Analysis
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Power Quality Monitoring
  • Relay Trip Operation Review
  • Electrical Theory and Application
  • Power System Protection
  • Relay Testing
  • SCADA and Relay Networking
  • Nested Relay Technician Development and Support