MMR has extensive experience with various renewable energy applications, providing services such as project development, construction management, electrical and instrumentation construction, and performance monitoring. Since our work is closely integrated with utility grid and power plant systems, we are naturally positioned to play a key role in the ongoing modernization and decarbonization of the utility grid.

Our skillsets include MMR’s growing experience with energy storage and microgrid technologies where we offer the following capabilities:

MMR is dedicated toward a progressive outlook and application of future technological advancements in renewable energy.

Electrical Construction

Experience with energy storage systems from technology suppliers including GE Grid Solutions, Nidec Corporation and Northern Reliability.

Operations & Maintenance Support

With over 5,000 employees and 30 offices around the US, we can provide prompt emergency or routine maintenance services to augment the owner’s O&M capabilities.

Integration & Fabrication Centers

Our in-house integration and panel fabrication centers can fabricate enclosures uniquely designed for energy storage system projects.

MMR Power Solutions

Visit MMR Power Solutions for more information on onsite energy storage and microgrid experience.

Staff Experience

Our staff has previous professional experience working directly for major energy storage system technology suppliers.