MMR Power Solutions develops onsite power generation strategies for clients seeking enhanced efficiency and cost savings

MMR Power Solutions develops, owns, and operates onsite energy facilities using cogeneration, solar, and/or energy storage to meet the energy needs of large commercial and industrial customers cost-effectively and reliably.

Specializing in distributed generation energy services, MMR Power Solutions can improve electrical service reliability, reduce electrical costs, and maximize thermal energy efficiencies by developing and designing a system ideally suited for your facility’s needs.

Meeting the demand for reliable power and thermal energy in a
safe, affordable and environmentally friendly
manner for over 15 years.

During the 2001 California electricity crisis, large energy users faced unprecedented grid instability and price volatility, forcing many to seek onsite power generation to protect their business operations. In the aftermath of the crisis, MMR launched its Power Solutions business to meet this demand for reliable power and thermal energy. Since flipping the switch on its first projects in the Fresno area, MMR Power Solutions has built or operated 10 onsite power projects, totaling 23MW, for clients throughout California.