MMR's Executive Vice President Tom Welborn Featured in the Baton Rouge Business Report

April 3, 2014

When Thomas Welborn became executive vice president at MMR Group in 2008, he’d worked there most of three decades. In that time, MMR evolved into the multinational leader in industrial electrical and instrumentation services it is today, with 20 branch offices. It ranks No. 3 in Business Report‘s list of the Capital Region’s top 100 companies. Welborn says his greatest professional accomplishment is having been “a part of the growth of MMR Group Inc. and watching my fellow coworkers grow with us.” He was initially hired there as an electrical superintendent, having developed expertise at Evans Electric Supply during the 1970s. Welborn shifted to MMR’s estimating department in the 1980s and rose to manager of estimating, overseeing all proposals. The Colorado native considers Baton Rouge his hometown and refers to himself as “an avid hunter and fisherman,” which means he really is a Louisianan. Yet with MMR he has seen much of the world, if sometimes remote project locations. “Our business operations are far-flung,” he says, “and extensive travel is a necessity.” Currently, he says, MMR is “expanding into new South American markets.

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