MMR Power Solutions constructs Heat Recovery System for Lyons Magnus Power Plant

August 3, 2015

MMR Power Solutions constructs Heat Recovery System for Lyons Magnus Power Plant

Upgrades will maximize energy efficiency, deliver cost savings and reduce water consumption

FRESNO, Ca. MMR Power Solutions announced today the completion of construction on a new heat recovery system at the Lyons Magnus food processing facility in Fresno, California. The upgrades will increase overall operational efficiency for the on-site cogeneration plant.

Cogeneration, also referred to as Combined Heat and Power (CHP), is the simultaneous production of electrical and thermal energy from a single source of fuel. CHP applications typically involve either the onsite generation of electricity and recovery of waste heat for process steam needs or the onsite production of excess heat is recovered to generate electricity. Traditional energy consumption methods require businesses to purchase electricity from the local utility and also purchase natural gas to generate process steam. Cogeneration recovers waste heat and utilizes it in a more efficient and cost effective manner.

MMR Power Solutions constructed a 4.2 megawatt cogeneration power plant for Lyons Magnus and has been delivering electricity and steam directly to the processing plant since 2004. The recent agreement between MMR Power Solutions and Lyons Magnus now provides hot water, in addition to electricity and steam, to improve the efficiency of the plants operations. The new system will reduce the annual amount of industrial water Lyons Magnus purchases by approximately 2.5 million gallons, helping to meet water conservation goals.

Every megawatt of power generated on-site helps to relieve congestion on the grid, and because the efficiency is higher than utility-generated power, there is also a net reduction in emissions, ultimately improving overall air quality, said Joel Wilson, MMR Power Solutions Chief Engineer.

MMR Power Solutions estimates that the heat produced from the new hot water thermal recovery system saves in excess of 750 metric tons per year of greenhouse gas emissions:

Maximizing operational efficiency throughout our food processing facility helps us maintain a competitive edge in the global marketplace, and the fact that we are reducing costs and water consumption while improving the environment is an added bonus, said Bob Smittcamp, Lyons Magnus Chairman/CEO.


MMR Power Solutions, based in Fresno, California, provides companies with electrical and thermal demands the ability to improve energy efficiency while reducing overall energy expenses and harmful emissions to the environment. MMR Power Solutions is backed by its parent company, MMR Group. As the industry leader in electrical, instrumentation and technical services for over 50 years, MMR offers clients the unique combination of experience as a project developer, constructor and owner/operator of cogeneration plants. For more information or to inquire about our services, please visit, email or call (559) 435-1036.

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