MMR Named ABC’s Top-Performing Electrical Contractor, Ranks Third on U.S. Commercial and Industrial Construction Firms Contractors' List

March 30, 2020

MMR Named ABC’s Top-Performing Electrical Contractor, Ranks Third on U.S. Commercial and Industrial Construction Firms Contractors' List

MMR is proud to announce its prestigious designation on the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) Top Performers List, garnering first place as the top-performing electrical contractor in the nation and third place overall on the U.S. commercial and industrial construction industry list of top performers.

“MMR is honored to receive ABC’s highest recognitions by delivering on our commitment to safety and quality, leading the workforce in best training and development practices, achieving project excellence and establishing goodwill in the communities where we live and work,” said MMR President/CEO James B. “Pepper” Rutland.

The ABC 2020 Top Performers lists recognize member contractors for their achievements in safety, quality, diversity, and project excellence, based on hours worked in 2019. MMR peaked at 10.4 million work-hours in 2019, a Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) of .10, and an Experience Modification Rate EMR of .46.

MMR demonstrated world-class safety performance by achieving Diamond status in ABC’s STEP Safety Management System, which makes the top-performing contractors up to 827% safer than the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics industry average, according to the ABC 2020 Safety Performance Report.

In 2019, MMR received multiple recognitions contributing to its status as an ABC top performer, including several STEP Diamond awards and an Excellence In Construction Excellence Award for the Indorama Ethylene Plant Restart Project. The Indorama Ventures Olefins LLC Project consisted of the complete revamp of the mothballed ethane cracker. The plant was idled in 2001 and sustained damage during several hurricanes. Over 433,000 safe electrical and instrumentation work-hours were spent on the multi-year project.

MMR is also designated as an Accredited Quality Contractor. ABC members that earn the AQC credential certify their commitment to quality, safety, craft and management education, talent management, diversity, and community relations.

“ABC Top Performers are the best large contractors in the merit shop construction industry, demonstrating the highest commitment to world-class safety, craftmanship, workforce development, and community engagement,” said Michael Bellaman, president and chief executive officer of ABC. “These rankings identify contractors like MMR that will continue to lead our industry as we adopt innovative technologies, tackle industry-wide challenges such as the workforce shortage, and lead us into a new decade.”

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About MMR

MMR is the industry leader in instrumentation and electrical construction, maintenance and technical services. Under the leadership of President and CEO James “Pepper” Rutland, MMR continues to grow both regionally and nationally with 30 branch offices throughout North and South America.

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