MMR Launches Dynamic Instruction and Development Program, MMR University Provides Employees with Lifelong Learning Opportunities

March 14, 2023

BATON ROUGE, LA – MMR, the largest open-shop electrical and instrumentation contractor in the nation, is proud to launch MMR University (MMR-U), its brand-new internal learning and development program. The new program provides curriculum and experience tailored to augment higher education and professional skillsets, cultivating a learning environment “where the classroom meets the real world.”

“At MMR, we consider people our greatest asset, and we remain committed to leading our industry in providing competitive programs to accelerate employees’ personal and professional development,” said MMR President and CEO James B. ‘Pepper’ Rutland. “We are thrilled to introduce MMR University as a means of providing our workforce with the tools and resources vital to their success. We are passionate about a program that will preserve our company’s unique culture, while planning for the future at MMR.”

MMR recently hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony and open-house event to celebrate the launch of MMR University. Employees toured the brand-new MMR-U Classroom, located at MMR headquarters in Baton Rouge, La., and enjoyed a presentation showcasing fresh, reimagined facets of the education program.

MMR University currently offers a competitive construction internship program to post-secondary students in the Capital Region. As the program progresses, MMR-U will scale up to provide lifelong skills and leadership development for all employees, leading to long-term growth opportunities for staff, world-class talent across the company and a dynamic culture that primes MMR for future sustained growth.

The two-and-a-half-year pilot program centers on training a class of 14 interns and complements university courses and/or professional experience to instill the skills most valuable for a successful career at MMR. MMR-U interns will receive instruction and mentorship designed to advance professional development while supplying real-world experience before graduation. The internship program combines in-person instruction with hands-on lessons, virtual learning opportunities, two summers of field experience (locally or nationally) and personal mentorship from seasoned MMR professionals.

“The shortage of talent in our industry poses a long-term threat to future growth and advancement, and we must remain proactive in our approach to attract and retain top talent for the betterment of our company and the clients we serve,” said MMR Vice President Jeramiah Blum. “MMR University provides employees with a dynamic training experience unlike anything currently offered in the industry, and we are poised in developing a strong, capable workforce for generations to come.”

MMR-U’s educational infrastructure will be established utilizing digital learning environments, educational content, and trained classroom and field instructors. Educational offerings will be expanded to include upskilling, specialization, lifelong learning and leadership development. MMR-U will ultimately provide valuable instruction to all employees, not just new hires.

MMR is dedicated to providing employees with opportunities for continued education and professional development. To learn more about MMR University, visit:

About MMR

MMR is the industry leader in instrumentation and electrical construction, maintenance and technical services. Under the leadership of President and CEO James “Pepper” Rutland, MMR continues to grow both regionally and nationally with 30 branch offices throughout North and South America.

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