MMR Employees Receive SASOL Silver Coin Awards for Safety

April 6, 2018

BATON ROUGE, La. – MMR is proud to announce that several of its employees have been recognized for exemplary safety actions on the SASOL LCCP Mega Project in Westlake, La. These employees were honored through Sasol’s Silver Coin Awards Program.

SASOL’s Silver Coin Awards Program recognizes individuals who demonstrate behaviors which sustain the vision of zero harm to employees and who strive for a zero incident project. Since the project’s inception, Sasol has presented seven Silver Coin Awards to jobsite personnel, and MMR is proud to announce that four of the seven have gone to its own employees.

The most recent recognition occurred when Gabriel Garibaldi, an MMR bus driver, reported he was unable to wake a worker on the bus who was hunched over and unresponsive. Gabriel quickly called MMR’s on-site safety response team. Safety technicians Misti Thompson and Andy Wheat rushed to the non-coherent employee, rolled him over to clear his airway, performed a sternum rub and basic first aid until EMS arrived. During this time, MMR’s emergency crew also aided the response by clearing the roadway for the ambulance’s arrival.

After arriving at the hospital, the employee was responsive, but was suffering from the first stages of diabetic shock. If Gabriel had not checked the bus -- and Misti and Andy not responded with rapid medical attention -- it is possible the employee could have died. Misti, Andy, and Gabriel potentially saved this man’s life.

SASOL’s Sliver Coin Award recognizes individuals for outstanding safety achievements in the work place. Four different versions of this coin will be minted, each with a unique design reflecting the southwest Louisiana environment.

Pictured (l-r) are MMR employees Misti Thompson, Andy Wheat, and Gabriel Garibaldi receiving Sasol’s Silver Coin Awards for their exemplary safety actions on the Sasol Mega Project site in Westlake, La.

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