As companies see increasing outages due to grid instability and natural disasters, MMR Power Solutions provides dependable energy solutions with enhanced benefits to save our customers from unexpected shutdowns, increasing utility costs, and capital risks.


With the reality of grid instability and public safety power shutdowns prevalent today, industrial end-users face greater need for resiliency to protect their operations from disruption and economic loss. Our solutions provide clients with the peace of mind that their operations can effectively ride through the uncertainty of volatile grid conditions to remain productive and profitable.

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In a climate where power rates are rapidly increasing, MMR Power Solutions clients benefit from the stable, predictable energy pricing our projects offer. We design our projects to provide a stable energy rate and reduction, or in some cases, elimination of costly demand charges. Our thermal and waste heat recovery systems can also displace part, or all, of a client’s natural gas bill.

Money Growth

Capital Efficiency

Through our Energy Services Agreement (ESA) structure, MMR Power Solutions incurs all upfront capital risk, while charging our client a fixed or escalating energy and capacity price. This structure allows our customers to focus and deploy capital in areas of their expertise, while our strengths allow us to take on the operational risk of building and maintaining the power plant.

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Custom Design

Our projects are expertly tailored to provide the right amount of power and thermal energy to clients based on their individual needs and circumstances. In particular, our thermal energy systems can be designed to provide hot water, chilled water or space heating, depending on the client’s processes.

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California investor-owned utility (IOU) industrial peak demand rates increased by between 15-20% during 2018 and 2019 alone, with demand charges comprising up to 50% of a customer’s electric bill.