Backed by our parent company, MMR Group, and its subsidiaries, MMR Power Solutions delivers a full-service power plant development solution, with our experienced in-house team of estimators, engineers, project development and construction management staff.

With a combined century worth of experience developing over 8,000 MW of power plants, the MMR Power Solutions team understands the ups and downs of power plant project development. We can successfully advance the project from initial development to successful completion as the client’s single point of contact. Our in-house specialists bring extensive knowledge and expertise in project management, design engineering, full permitting, utility interconnections, equipment procurement design, construction, and more.

MMR Power Solutions utilizes the knowledge, experience and vast resources of our internal partner, MMR Constructors, to effectively manage the construction of our projects. Working with a seasoned estimating team and extensive network of suppliers and subcontractors enables us to provide more accurate, upfront cost estimates to our clients.

With the financial strength of our parent company, MMR Group, MMR Power Solutions is able to finance our projects and work with a variety of clients both large and small. We tailor the commercial structure to meet our client’s individual needs and risk tolerance. For clients who prefer to self-finance the asset, we can provide turnkey construction service and operate the plant on their behalf.

MMR Power Solutions offers its Operations and Maintenance service for every project we build. Our 17 years’ experience in plant operations has enabled us to achieve an unparalleled operating record with various generation technologies while forging successful relationships with industry-leading suppliers.