Privacy Policy

At the MMR Group, your privacy is important to us. When you use our website, certain information and data is collected about your visit. We protect this information in accordance with this policy.

Who do we expect is using our site?

The MMR Group knows that a large number of our users are either employed by us, looking for a job with us, in a business relationship with us, starting a business relationship with us or looking for industry news. We do not expect the average consumer to be using our website. Therefore, we collect information to better serve our clients.

What do we collect?

In general, we collect the typical information that is saved in a website's log. This includes:

The logged data is used primarily to ensure the website is performing properly, but will also be used, when appropriate, to improve the user's experience.

In addition to the logged information, the MMR Group uses Google Analytics to gather deeper data on our users. This includes:

  • Google reported location
  • Google reported demographics
  • Traffic sources
  • Session counts
  • User counts
  • Other Google reported data

Like the logged data, this data is used to improve the user's experience on the website. It is also used to for business development purposes.

The final data we collect is what you submit to us through the Contact Us or Careers sections. This information is saved in a database and forwarded to the appropriate employees. It is not, however, released to anyone outside of the company.

We do reserve the right to release any and all information collected to law enforcement on any level for investigative or national security purposes.

How is this data protected?

All data that is collected by the MMR Group is protected by either the latest technology for electronic log data or company policy for electronic user data that is required by employees, contractors or others to complete their required jobs. We also rely on Google to protect the data collected by Google Analytics with the same care and attention to detail we apply to data security.

Data collection and processing

The MMR Group website is hosted in the United States of America. Because of that, the data we collect directly is stored and processed in the United States of America. We cannot guarantee that the data collected by Google Analytics is not stored or processed in a third country as we have no control over that. Please be aware that the United States of America does not regulate data protection in the same manner as other countries, including the Member States of the European Union. Accordingly, the data that you submit to MMR Group may be transferred to, processed, or stored in countries where the data protection laws are different than those of your country of residence.

Website Revisions and Updates

We constantly update the features of our website to better serve you and all our customers, so this policy may also be revised from time to time. The MMR Group may modify this policy without advance notice and any modifications are effective when they are posted here. By using our website, you indicate your understanding and acceptance of the terms of the policy posted at the time of your use. If you have any questions, please contact us at your convenience.